[empowering youth and children]

[to empower children youth and women with the social cultural and emotional capabilities to reach their full potential]

Philosophy & Values

We, at Rehoboth, believe that all people have the capacity to improve their lives. We dedicate ourselves to helping youth, women, children and their families achieve their goals while respecting their individuality and recognizing their diverse and sometimes challenging needs. Our commitment to healthy lifestyle choices creates an atmosphere where beneficiaries of our programs (Children, youth and women) can feel safe and supported as they progress toward their goals. We believe everyone should be treated with equality, dignity, respect, and acceptance.

At Rehoboth we believe in inclusiveness where the youth, women, children, staff, board members and volunteers work together to create an atmosphere where people feel safe, supported and respected, while being given the opportunity to fulfill their own goals.

Rehoboth is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for disabled/disadvantaged clients, and aims to create an environment which enables everyone to participate in the services offered within the parameters of our programs offered.

We value the diversity of our programs and accept the challenge of supporting each one to best serve the community. We believe our programs show strong leadership and prove themselves to be innovative, solution-focused, and proactive and that each continues to develop in response to our community’s needs. We are dedicated to developing long-term effective solutions by working together to provide the opportunity for growth and success.

We are skilled, empathetic professionals working consistently to encourage the well-being of others. We are trusted and respected for our ability to work with youth and their families. We continue to train and educate ourselves to enrich our perspectives, maintain a level of excellence and demonstrate ethical presence in our work. We work confidently together to create an optimal work environment where work place issues are resolved in a creative and co-operative manner.

We challenge ourselves to be accountable and responsive to those we serve as well as the community that funds, supports and depends upon us. We are a valued organization that demonstrates success by continually evaluating our programs and challenging our assumptions. People seek our services because our staff offers support, advocacy, opportunity and new alternatives.